Water Play Area

Water play area

Playing with water is a pleasant, even fascinating, sensory experience for children. Indeed, it is an element that changes appearance and shape as many times as you want and provides new sensations on the skin. Suffice to say that you are sure that he will not get tire of these games: he can spend hours there while remaining calm and focused. Why? Quite simply because he plays for himself.

Water games: a refreshing game, but not just …

Responding to a natural need, water games are a great source of pleasure for children. Thanks to them, the child discovers different ways of approaching water, in an environment different from the bath: he likes to feel the water running on his skin, to watch it run through his fingers, etc. Although perceived by the child as free play, water games should remain educational activities offered and supervised by adults. Indeed, these games impose hygiene precautions, in particular:

prevent the child from drinking the water with which he plays, evolves;

do not allow the water present in the basins, tubs or wheelbarrows to stagnate.